10 women's gift ideas: original and unique

Looking for original and unique women's gift ideas from 25 to 60? Discover the NowMyPlace proposals to celebrate a birthday or special event.

5 May 2024
10 women's gift ideas: original and unique

Looking for original women's gift ideas to celebrate a graduation, birthday, 8th March, Mother's Day or another special event? Find out how best to celebrate each occasion and surprise the birthday girl at any age. But how to make the gift unique? How to personalise it and ensure that it conveys only good vibes to the recipient?

The ideal is to focus on gifts capable of arousing emotions in the recipient, such as a trip or a memorable activity, even to be experienced together with a group of girlfriends, friends or with a partner. But which ones to give? We suggest 10 ideas with a "wow effect"!

Women's gift ideas: 10 original experiences at Lake Garda

We could have subdivided this guide according to age (i.e. selecting gift ideas for a woman aged 25, 30, 40, 50 or 60+). Yet we think there are no limits to the proposals you will find in this list!

What do you find in our list? Proposals to test yourself with fun sports, to relax, to discover the area or to taste wines and other typical Garda food and wine specialities. Let's see them now.

1. Horse riding and wine tasting

For women who love nature and animals, the ideal gift is a horseback ride in the Trentino Dolomites. A 2-hour ride to discover the Giudicarie Valleys together with an expert guide to explore the area, among mountains, pastures, woods and beautiful villages. An activity suitable for everyone, even beginners.

2. SUP on the lake at sunset

SUP is the perfect water activity for exploring the land by paddling to your desired destination. A fun and wellness experience that adds a touch of magic at sunset, with the sun's rays reflected in the lake. SUP in Desenzano del Garda during sunset is certainly an original gift idea for the sporty friend who loves the slow lifestyle.

3. Wine tasting in an 18th-century villa

Would you like to give an original and chic food and wine experience? Lake Garda wine tasting in an 18th-century villa is the right gift for the woman who loves historical and refined places surrounded by nature. It is designed to let you taste some of the best labels from a renowned winery that owns historic vineyards with a zero-kilometre menu. All this in a splendid setting, in an ancient, frescoed villa, surrounded by the green hills of Benaco.

4. A personalised Pilates class

If you are looking for an anti-stress gift for women, you could consider giving a one-to-one Pilates class in a studio with a reformer. One hour of exercises to achieve an optimal state of physical and mental well-being. The best part? The lesson takes place in a studio with a view of Lake Garda.

5. A picnic in the vineyard

Looking for a unique wine-tasting proposal, preferably outdoors? Booking a picnic in the vineyard of a resort is a perfect idea for the woman who loves simplicity, but doesn't want to miss out on beautiful things. An activity organised in a well-known wine resort that includes a picnic basket, a bottle of wine chosen from the cellar's labels and a gourmet mystery box. You will be able to choose where to spend the day and there will be a sommelier to tell you about the particularities of the chosen wine.

6. Like Masterchef chefs

There is also a perfect gift idea for the woman who loves to cook: a cooking and home-made pasta lesson with an expert in traditional local recipes. A great way to discover new recipes, try your hand at making fresh pasta and replicate what you have learnt at home. Of course, the experience also includes a convivial moment to taste the dishes prepared together with the other participants. Ideal for a gift among friends, but not only!

7. A DIY designer terrarium

For the creative woman with a green thumb, there is the terrarium course with an expert flower designer. A fun, but also zen and relaxing activity to create a small ecosystem inside a glass container, adding beautiful plants and flowers, and then contemplating their beauty.

8. An art lesson

A watercolour course on Lake Garda with a professional artist is a perfect gift for the woman who loves art. An excellent idea for those who want to learn the technique or improve it (if you are already an expert in the subject). A gift within a gift: at the end, each participant will take home his or her own work.

9. A one-to-one shiatsu session

For a rejuvenating gift that connects a person's psychological, spiritual and physical components, you can choose an individual shiatsu practice session. A wellness treatment that induces a state of harmony and peace through relaxation of body, mind and spirit.

10. Hatha yoga outdoors

Among the unique gifts for women is hatha yoga relaxation, a relaxing activity that takes place outdoors. What makes this activity memorable is also the location: it will take place in the park of a historic castle overlooking Lake Garda.

Unique women's gifts: how to choose them?

We have presented you with 10 gift ideas for celebrating that special woman in your life. Whether it is a birthday, a graduation, a milestone achievement or simply a leisure gift between friends, you should always bear in mind that you should choose an experience according to the personality of the recipient. Think, therefore, about her tastes and desires: only then will the gift be a real success!

From birthday to graduation: original women's gift ideas with NowMyPlace

At NowMyPlace you will find an extensive catalogue of activities and experiences at Lake Garda to choose from to make your gifts unique! We have carefully chosen all our partners to offer you unique and memorable activities.

By choosing NowMyPlace for your woman’s gift you can:

  • evaluate original and unique women's gift ideas from an extensive catalogue;
  • give well-organised and expertly supervised activities;
  • provide a tailor-made experience, capable of arousing emotions in those who receive it;
  • offer a safe activity.

Are you ready to choose your gift with us?

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