Creative Routes

Being creative, free, open to the new to get closer to what you want to become

Getting to know Lake Garda by experimenting with creative art forms and artistic workshops or by taking part in immersive experiences in the field of fashion & design is a new way of exploring the area.

Visual arts, including photography, are expressed through workshops and photo experiences in unique and iconic spots that become an integral part of the experience: a nature walk is creatively combined with live landscape photography, mixing techniques and disciplines.

The worlds of fashion, beauty and art-design become accessible to everyone through personal shopper experiences, dedicated image consultancy, ‘personal wardrobe’ and trend-scouting.

Finally, taking a dance and performing arts class combines a visit to an area with the discovery of one's own passions and potential. the sense of this course will therefore be to undertake the knowledge of a place through the most varied and original forms of creativity.

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