Wing Foil

An immense sense of freedom: you glide lightly over the waves, rise in the wind and then glide back down to the crystal-clear surface of the water

Wing Foil is the most recent of the aquatic disciplines: inspired by the flight of birds, it involves the use of an inflatable wing to be held with the arms, exploiting the wind by using a board, possibly equipped with a hydrofoil.

The beginners' courses are recommended for anyone approaching this water sport for the first time: a few hours of individual tuition will be enough for you to acquire the basic techniques and motor skills needed to enjoy this adrenaline-pumping activity independently and safely.

Those who already have experience in the disciplines from which wingfoil originates (windsurfing, kite-foil, SUP, surfing) are at an advantage and can quickly reach a good level or further improve their technique.

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