Slow Discovery

Slow tourism activities to get to know the area and discover its essence

Get to know Lake Garda through outdoor activities in contact with nature, getting involved in outdoor disciplines within everyone's reach, to experience the area in an authentic and environmentally friendly way.

For those in search of sustainable forms of tourism, the lake offers water activities such as stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking, which are recommended at dawn or dusk: they offer the privilege of moving in the natural environment, limiting your impact on the lake and its precious ecosystem.

On land, on the other hand, you can choose between walking tours, forest bathing experiences and trekking routes based on an authentic exploration of the area, or horse riding and guided Nordic walking routes through woods and hills, along paths to discover castles and historic villages.

Finally, you can take part in e-bike tours designed for families or groups of people who see the biking experience as a way of getting to know places and people in total tranquillity, enjoying the landscape and the rich food and wine in a slow way.

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