SUP Yoga

The gentle discipline of Sup Yoga combines the practice of meditation and asanas. All balanced on water

Think of the stand-up paddle board as a yoga mat in the middle of the water, afloat amidst small waves, in complete silence. Add to that the sensation of physical and mental well-being provided by the water, its sounds, its undulating motions and its liberating power.

The discipline of yoga calls on all the deep muscles, with positive effects on the tone of the body, while retaining the character of a soft practice.

A Sup Yoga session can be done at many times, but if practiced at sunset, the benefit will be enhanced by the warm energy of the sun's rays as the day draws to a close, the sense of abandonment and calm of being in the middle of the water, away from the shore, the search for conscious breathing and the practice of asanas to shape the body and muscles.

A complete wellness activity without equal, where nature is not just a backdrop, but an essential component of the experience.

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