Food Pleasure

Refine your taste through food experiences that bring you into contact with local history and traditions

The experience of taste, with its scents, blends, colours and aromas, is the first way to get in touch with a community and its territory. The tasting of typical products and local specialities is the chosen way to increase the pleasure of exploration and enrich the identity of visitors.

Lake Garda expresses itself in an unconventional way, through immersive and sensory visits to wineries and oil mills for the tasting of fine oils and wines, outdoor gourmet picnics, cooking classes in unique locations and culinary trips to restaurants with experimenting chefs.

Getting to know Garda, its towns and valleys, means savouring the gastronomic arts handed down in areas that speak of history and tradition, such as agritourism, farms and ancient businesses.

Learning a recipe by taking part in cookery lessons at a farm combines a passion for taste with learning an ancient local tradition.

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