Terms of service

The terms of service described in this document constitute a legally binding agreement between NowMyPlace Srl ("NowMyPlace") and the end customer ("User") and govern the use of the platform available at nowmyplace.com ("Platform") and all experiential and tourism services ("Services") offered by NowMyPlace suppliers ("Partners") through the Platform.

Searching and booking of Services through the Platform.

Using the Platform, Users can search for and learn about the Services offered by Partners, chat with them and book Services by paying online. By reserving a Service, the User enters into a contract with NowMyPlace which authorises him/her to benefit from the Services booked and by which he/she agrees to pay NowMyPlace the price indicated in the advertisement ("Price"), under the terms indicated therein.

The User is obliged to inform the Partner, via chat or in person at the meeting place, of any circumstances (medical, physical or other conditions) that may affect the use of the Service. The User agrees to make any changes to the bookings exclusively via the Platform and to pay any additional costs.

Cancellations and refunds

The cancellation of a reservation of a Service by the User entitles the User to a refund, provided that this is done in accordance with the Cancellation Terms decided by each Partner and published in the Service tab on the Platform.

If the cancellation is made by the Partner, however, for reasons of bad weather or any other force majeure, the User is entitled to a refund of the full Price paid.

In both cases, the time taken to receive a refund varies depending on the payment method used by the User and the rules applicable to the payment system (Visa, Mastercard and the like).


The User may submit a Complaint in respect of a Service booked, already received or yet to be received, subject to the following conditions:

a) must be submitted in writing to info@nowmyplace.com within 48 hours of discovering the problem, together with the relevant documentation;

(b) the User must provide any clarifications that NowMyPlace may request regarding the Complaint;

(c) the problem must not have arisen as a result of any act, omission or negligence on the part of the User.

The User acknowledges and agrees that NowMyPlace will provide a response to the Complaint within 7 days of the submission of the Complaint (or the date of receipt of all required documentation, whichever is later) on the basis of the actual circumstances.


The User is responsible for his/her own actions and omissions while using the Service. If the User has made a reservation for an additional guest who is a minor or brings a minor to use the Service, the User must have legal authorisation to act on his/her behalf and is solely responsible for the supervision of the minor. The lack of such authorisation on the day fixed for the use of the Service means that the Service cannot be used, without the User being able to claim any kind of reimbursement from the Partner or NowMyPlace.

Terms of payment service

On the Platform, NowMyPlace provides electronic payment collection services by charging to the payment method chosen by the User, such as credit card, debit card, ApplePay, GooglePay. In order to use the payment services, the User must be of legal age, have a NowMyPlace account and ensure the accuracy of personal and payment information. By accepting these Terms of Service, you consent to NowMyPlace charging to your chosen payment method the amounts due (including applicable taxes) in relation to the Service purchased. The Price is charged at the same time as the booking is confirmed.

NowMyPlace reserves the right to refuse or limit payments that it believes may violate these Terms of Service, are unauthorised, fraudulent or illegal or expose you or NowMyPlace to other risks.

The collection of the Price may involve the use of payment service providers who may charge the User additional costs when processing payments: NowMyPlace is not responsible for such costs and disclaims any liability in this regard.

NowMyPlace is not liable for losses incurred by the User due to incorrect information provided by the User in relation to the payment method.

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