Excursions on Lake Garda by sailing boat

Excursions on Lake Garda by sailboat offer a privileged viewpoint of the beauty of this area. Here are some proposals

5 March 2023
Excursions on Lake Garda by sailing boat

Lake Garda sailing excursions: here are the best experiences

Water and wind stimulate our desire for freedom. Even a few hours in contact with these elements can make a day or holiday truly unforgettable. If we then board a boat, everything then becomes even more special. There are many magical places where this wish can become reality, but some touch the heart more than others. Excursions on Lake Garda by sailing boat, for example, are an opportunity to experience different activities that are always enthralling. Let's see together which are the most popular places for sailing and which are proposed by NowMyPlace.

Lake Garda, a paradise for sailing enthusiasts

Garda has a solid tradition of sailing schools and is a destination of choice for many people practising this and other water sports, at all levels. Thanks to its privileged position, in fact, the lake benefits from constant winds that blow at almost any time of day. In particular, the Pelèr, which blows from the north in the early hours of the day, and the Ora, which blows from the south from about 12 noon until sunset.

In the province of Brescia, Gargnano, Limone sul Garda, Campione and Desenzano are some important sailing centres, as are Bardolino, Brenzone, Malcesine in the province of Verona; Nago-Torbole and Riva del Garda in the province of Trento. These are just a few of the well-known and popular locations where you can find sailing schools and take lessons, even if you have no sailing experience.

Lake Garda sailing excursions with NowMyPlace

Sailors have no doubt: this sport encapsulates the essence of sailing, giving those who practice it an authentic emotion, the kind that only contact with the natural elements can release. You don't need to be a sea dog to appreciate the sailing experience on Lake Garda: a lake basin that is almost always calm, enchanting in its beauty made up of villages and hills that are reflected in the water, amidst the shimmer of different lights at every moment of the day.

Depending on the proposal, sailing trips are experiences to be enjoyed with the family or in small groups, on different occasions. Celebrating a special milestone together with your nearest and dearest, for example, but also enjoying a relaxing moment on holiday, with nothing to think about but the gentle breeze on your skin and the enchanting scenery. Not bad, is it? So let's find out what activities you will find in our offer.

Boat trip to Rabbit Island

An excursion for a maximum of 5 people, aged 4 and upwards, which will allow you to visit a beautiful rock, a protected beach and the pretty Isola dei Conigli. You will be accompanied by the skippers of the 'Blues', departing from the port of Moniga and, depending on the time of the trip, there is the possibility of lunch in the galley or a snack of homemade food.

Sardine fishing with Maurizio

If you love fishing, this is the right sailing experience! You will go sardine fishing with skipper Maurizio, between Desenzano and Padenghe, to experience a traditional ritual at the best time of the day, late afternoon, when the waters are warm and calm. The excursion is for a maximum of 3 people, from 4 years of age.

Exit to Isola del Garda

On Isola del Garda stands the Cavazza villa with its English-style gardens and century-old park: you can observe them from the sailing boat, together with the colourful landscape, while you relax lulled by the waves. The experience is suitable for families with children of at least 4 years of age and lasts about 5 hours. There is the possibility to have lunch or a snack on board but, most importantly, to take a dip in the clear waters of the lake!

Sirmione by sailboat

A sister boat excursion to Isola del Garda: crossing the Desenzano basin, you will admire the Sirmione peninsula, with the Grotte di Catullo, the beaches, and the Castle, on the outward journey, while on the return you will see the Valtenesi hills. In 4 hours of relaxation, amidst scenic and historical beauty, you can also take a swim and enjoy some specialities.

Freshwater fishing on Lake Garda

The whitefish is a very common lake fish and is counted among the gastronomic specialities of Lake Garda. Have you ever thought, however, that you could catch it with your own hands? If you want to try it, skipper Maurizio knows where to take you to find this and other freshwater fish.

Boating at sunset

There are many reasons to love the Garda area and its sunsets are certainly among the first on the long list. Certainly, however, from the perspective of a sailing boat the effect is amplified and the emotions are truly irrepressible. That is why we thought that a sunset excursion could not be missing from our proposals. This experience is also suitable for groups of up to five people, aged four and upwards, and can be an idea for celebrating, for example, a friend's hen party.

Why choose NowMyPlace excursions

We are experience hunters and passionate travellers, just like you. We know that those who visit an area want to discover its details that are off the beaten track, they want to immerse themselves in its culture and absorb it as much as possible, and we aim to satisfy your curiosity by choosing proposals that will show you an unseen side of places.

What we care about, however, is not only getting you home with unforgettable memories of the time you spent on Lake Garda. We are careful to organise tours that ensure your safety, and to do this we rely only on qualified people: guides, instructors, experienced skippers, who can answer any questions and help you enjoy your trip to the full.

Trekking, sailing, water sports, yoga classes at sunset: there are many ways to experience Lake Garda, and our commitment is to always find new and exciting ones! Because the value of time is also measured by the intensity of the emotions you experience in every moment, and on Lake Garda every moment can be truly magical.

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