10 original and memorable graduation gift ideas

Looking for original graduation gift ideas? Here is a selection of 10 exclusive proposals that will make this magical moment unique and memorable.

24 April 2024
10 original and memorable graduation gift ideas

Are you looking for graduation gift ideas for your children, grandchildren or friends? We know that the completion of university studies is an important milestone and there is nothing better than celebrating it with a unique experience. But for this event to be magical and linked to a wonderful memory, it has to make the person who will receive it excited.

In this article, therefore, you will find 10 proposals for memorable graduation gifts suitable for everyone. Let's see them together.

Original graduation gifts: how to value them?

Before discovering the experiences we have selected for you, let us dwell on choosing the right gift. To do so, you have to consider several variables such as:

  • the tastes of the recipient;
  • the budget;
  • the characteristics of the gift.

That is, you have to understand whether what you are choosing - apart from being original - is a gift that will appeal to the person who is to receive it and whether it will arouse emotions. If you decide to give an experience as a gift, then consider whether it will also involve other people. Take time to consider all factors: only in this way will you succeed in surprising the graduate.

Memorable graduation gifts: why choose Lake Garda?

A graduation holiday is an extraordinary gift because it allows the person who has just graduated to take a break from everyday life and recharge their batteries after a happy but intense period.

But which destination to choose? Lake Garda is an interesting destination because here you can visit enchanting places, taste top-level food and wine products, discover clubs and spend moments of pure fun or relaxation, perhaps choosing an original experience to create indelible memories.

Gift ideas for a woman's graduation

Looking for memorable ideas for a graduation gift for women? We offer you five different ones. Of course, the ideas we have divided between men and women can be interchanged, depending on people's tastes and wishes.

1. A horseback ride while waiting for the sunset

A relaxing experience, in contact with nature and animals, is a great way to eliminate the tensions accumulated during the busy study period. To make it even more magical, you can consider a horseback ride while waiting for the sunset, riding a splendid specimen to discover the area, passing by historical places, villages and paths, admiring the panorama of the Garda area of Brescia. Alternatively, if you are closer to Garda Trentino, you can take a two-hour horseback ride in the Dolomites, surrounded by incredible scenery.

2. Relaxing on the water with SUP yoga

An activity that combines the benefits of yoga with immersion in nature is SUP yoga at sunset. What is it? A discipline in which the person assumes various asana positions while balancing on a board similar to that used for surfing, in the calm waters of the lake. Ideal for a unique gift while enjoying a magnificent lake view.

3. Wine tasting with snack for an afternoon to remember

For an informal graduation, perhaps to be spent with close friends and relatives, you can book a wine tasting with snacks. This is ideal for tasting local Garda wines, produced in the Valtenesi area, combined with genuine agricultural products, made with passion. Ideal for those who love good wine and good food!

4. Professional photos with stunning panorama

Are all graduation photos the same? Certainly graduation shots can be quite similar. Photography enthusiasts who want to collect their memories in albums can therefore treat themselves to a private photo shoot in Gardone Riviera, a location known for the Vittoriale degli Italiani and the Heller Botanical Garden. Here the professional photographer can immortalise the graduate amidst unique and beautiful locations.

5. A Vespa ride to discover the territory

The Vespa takes us back a little to the era of the 'dolce vita' and the carefree attitude of that typical Italian period of the 1950s. To relive this light-heartedness, you can take a tour around Lake Garda on a Vespa from the shores to the hinterland, surrounded by beautiful places and breathtaking views. An experience full of discoveries to live a day in freedom.

Gift ideas for a man's graduation

An experience at Lake Garda can be just the right gift for the graduating man, perhaps opting for a more adrenaline-fuelled activity. Let's take a look at five unique ideas.

1. Adventure day with canyoning

Canyoning in Val di Ledro is a fun experience that combines sport and nature, in which people, with the right equipment, descend down narrow gorges traversed by small streams. A perfect gift for those who love adventure and want to spend a different day, perhaps together with friends.

2. Adrenaline and fun with SUR-RON

A nice graduation present for those who love motors and two-wheelers is the SUR-RON experience, which allows participants to get behind the wheel of a special e-motor bike, ploughing through all kinds of terrain (dirt tracks, secondary roads and mule tracks), to explore the Garda area while respecting nature.

3. Paragliding with a lake view

For daredevils who love adrenalin-fuelled experiences and strong emotions, the ideal thing is to try paragliding on Lake Garda. Unlike parachuting, this outdoor sport is ideal for admiring the panorama of the Benaco suspended in the air, listening to the wind breaking on the sail.

4. Kitesurfing on the Lake

A sporty and exciting activity like kitesurfing can be a great way to celebrate graduation at Lake Garda. At NowMyPlace you can book a single kitesurf lesson, also suitable for beginners, and spend the whole morning or afternoon gliding on the water.

5. Panoramic Ferrata to be in touch with nature

Climbing a rock face, reaching the top of the mountain and admiring the world from above is a nice way to celebrate an important milestone, isn't it? In this case, you can treat yourself to an activity such as a ferrata in Arco, climbing to the top of Colodri and admiring the natural balconies over the Sarca Valley. An exciting experience that also boosts self-esteem!

Original graduation gift ideas: rely on NowMyPlace!

With NowMyPlace you have at your disposal a wide range of experiences at Lake Garda to make memorable graduation gifts for your children, friends and relatives. All our activities are carefully selected, designed to create wonderful memories and experience unique emotions in a beautiful setting.

By choosing NowMyPlace for your graduation gifts you can:

  • make an original, unique and memorable gift
  • think of a customised gift, designed especially for the graduate
  • help to create a beautiful memory for such an important milestone
  • provide an experience that strengthens family relationships and consolidates friendships.

What do you think, are our graduation gift ideas original enough?

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