10 gift ideas for men: original and surprising

Looking for original and surprising men's gift ideas? Discover the NowMyPlace selection of experiences to experience unforgettable moments on Lake Garda.

20 April 2024
10 gift ideas for men: original and surprising

We often struggle to find the right gift, but most of the time the most original and surprising men's gift ideas are related to the emotions they can arouse in the person receiving them. Clothing, tech or food and wine can often be trivial gifts, while experiences in a place are an increasingly welcome and trendy idea, at any age, because they can build indelible memories. But what are the best gift ideas for men? Let's see them together!

Original men's gift ideas for a memorable experience at Lake Garda

If one wants to choose experiences as surprising gifts for people, Benaco is certainly an interesting destination to focus on. Here, in fact, one can enjoy numerous activities, both outdoor and indoor, while enjoying an evocative landscape, rich in history and traditions. There are numerous proposals to discover the area, to test oneself with fun or adrenaline sports, to relax, or even to taste wines, oils and typical Garda recipes. The ideal is to combine the individual experiences with a short holiday, even just a couple of days or a weekend, perhaps trying out more than one. But for a perfect gift, you can also focus on a single experience for a day, choosing from the most creative proposals. Ideal for celebrating a birthday, a business or personal milestone or a special moment for him.

10 special gifts for him

Giving the gift of an experience at Lake Garda is a great gift that combines travel with a unique activity linked to a place. Let's see together 10 ideas for men's gifts that will win over the person who receives them!

1. An electric motorbike ride through nature

Have you ever heard of the SUN-RON? It is a very light, electrically powered, high-performance, state-of-the-art motocross bike. A SUN-RON e-bike allows you to get on the saddle of the two-wheeler for an off-roads tour with a local guide on dirt roads, country lanes and mule tracks. An innovative gift for the man who loves motors and respects nature.

2. Meditation amid nature

If you want to treat yourself to a moment of well-being other than the usual massage or spa day, you can go for the sound healing experience. The activity takes place in the middle of nature, in a magical, silent place, where a qualified instructor will perform a sequence of sound vibrations using crystal bells of various sizes. A sensual meditation experience in which you can reach a state of complete relaxation. The ideal way to fully experience this activity is to spend it with two people.

3. SUP at sunset, with aperitif lake view

SUP is a sport very similar to surfing where you stand on a board and paddle on the water to explore the terrain. An original gift for him can be the aperi-SUP tour at sunset for paddling on the lake at one of the most beautiful times of the day, then enjoying a magical aperitif with a view of the gulf, surrounded by special light and reflections on the water.

4. A walk to learn the secrets of nature photography

The photo trek along the paths of the Bassa Via del Garda is the right gift for a man who loves photography and nature. It combines two passions in one, allowing you to explore the fascinating Benaco area and understand, under the guidance of a professional photographer, the secrets of nature photography, from the choice of subject to the perfect shot.

5. Water sports for beginners

Are you looking for a fun but special proposal, perhaps allowing the person to be outdoors? Booking a single kitesurfing lesson may be an interesting idea for the person trying out a water sport for the first time. This activity is suitable for everyone, even beginners, and will be supervised by a professional instructor.

6. Horse riding and wine tasting

There is also an original gift for the man who loves animals and nature. A horseback ride waiting for the sunset, exploring the splendid Brescian Garda area, is a fun and relaxing experience to leave the daily stress behind. An activity that ends with a "wow effect" thanks to a tasting of local wines and samplings of local products.

7. Along the Garda, riding an e-bike

One of the original men's gift ideas for those who love the outdoors and cycling is the e-bike tour experience. A tour of more than three hours to spend, riding an electric bike, through beautiful vineyards, olive groves and hills. Ideal for a day of leisure in nature, with breathtaking views of the lake.

8. An iconic Vespa ride

The Vespa is an iconic vehicle for many generations. This is why a tour of Lake Garda on a Vespa is a special gift to spend a day in total freedom, following an exceptional panoramic route from all four shores of Lake Garda.

9. Flying over Lake Garda

A memorable gift for those who love heights and adrenaline sports is paragliding with a view of the lake. This is the perfect activity to experience the thrill of flight, letting the wind lift you in peace and enjoy a fantastic view of Lake Garda from above.

10. A journey into taste

The perfect gift for the man who loves good food and wine? A tasting lunch with a visit to a wine cellar can certainly be a nice idea. This way, you will be able to taste local products and the best wines, but above all, you will be able to see the places where the grapes are processed and the wines aged up close to better understand their origins.

How to choose the right men's gift?

To choose the perfect gift for a man, many factors must be considered. First of all, his personality must be taken into account, evaluating ideas that are original, but that can also reflect his tastes. It is therefore better to opt for personalised gifts that are capable of arousing emotions in the person who will receive them.

To understand what is the right decision to take, ask yourself questions. For example: "Does he like being in nature?", "Does he like heights?", "Can he swim?". Based on the answers, you can make a list of interesting proposals and those to be discarded. Remember: an experience that reflects the person's interests will certainly appeal to him/her.

Why choose NowMyPlace for your original men's gifts?

NowMyPlace is a perfect ally for your surprising gifts! We offer you a wide variety of experiences on Lake Garda to suit many interests, tastes and personalities. We have carefully chosen all our partners to offer you unique, but above all memorable activities, capable of building indelible memories.

By choosing NowMyPlace for your men's gifts, you can:

  • give a personalised experience, to enthuse the person who will receive it;
  • make an original, unique and memorable gift;
  • be certain that the person will be supervised by an expert throughout the activity;
  • be named the best 'friends/mother/dad/sister/brother’ because you got the right gift!

What do you say, why not choose your gift with us?

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