Wineries on Lake Garda: wines to discover

Whites, reds and rosés: Lugana, Rosa Valtenesi, Bardolino are some of the wines to be discovered in the wine cellars of Lake Garda, amidst beautiful hillside vineyards

19 February 2023

Lake Garda wineries: a list of the most original proposals

Food and wine experiences add value to the trip. And when it comes to territories famous for the variety of local products and wines of excellence, these stops become essential to really get in touch with the places and the people who live there. In the wine cellars of Lake Garda you can taste Lugana Doc, Rosa Valtenesi, Bardolino and other bottles carefully selected to tell a story rooted in the distant past. Discover it together with NowMyPlace, thanks to our proposal of wine experiences, snacks and aperitifs.

Wineries on Lake Garda: unique places to discover local wines

The historical oenological vocation of Garda has led to the birth of numerous wine cellars in this area, with a very high level of quality in production, but also in the tourist offer. Wine tastings, in fact, are all the more appreciated when the added value of the location is high: old restored farmhouses, family villas, verdant gardens that allow time to slow down.

For its tours, NowMyPlace has chosen evocative buildings surrounded by vineyards and nature, where you will be in contact with a centuries-old tradition and learn about the various stages of production. Before getting into the heart of the experience, however, it may be useful to digress briefly into the typical wines of the area, among which we find several labels with registered designations of origin.

Lugana DOC

A white wine produced almost exclusively from Turbiana grapes, Lugana DOC exists in five types, all dry and still, but each with its own characteristics: Lugana base, Superiore, Riserva, Vendemmia Tardiva and Spumante.

Bardolino DOC

Bardolino has a bright ruby colour and is delicately fruity: it has notes of cherry, strawberry and raspberry. It is made from Corvina Veronese, one of the most important vines in the Verona area, to which a small percentage of Rondinella is added.

Riesling Garda Doc

Straw-yellow in colour, Riesling DOC is very harmonious and pleasant. It is produced from Rhine Riesling grapes, to which others may be added in small percentages, among those cultivated in Lombardy and in the province of Verona and permitted by the specifications.

Valtènesi DOC wines

The Valtenesi Consortium protects the wines produced in the area of the same name, which is located in the Brescia area of Lake Garda. These include whites, reds and rosés: the Valtènesi Chiaretto, for example, the San Martino della Battaglia or the Benaco Bresciano Riesling.

Wineries on Lake Garda: wine tastings offered by NowMyPlace

The time has come to focus on wine experiences and tell you what NowMyPlace has to offer. We have thought of all wine enthusiasts, from the group of friends on holiday to the family with children who need an experience in which they too can be involved, even without taking part in the tasting of the various labels.

Walking in Valtenesi

On the west coast, in San Felice del Benaco, you can spend an entire day immersed in the green and at a slow pace: the walking tour will have two moments, an initial and a final one, in which you can taste the products of the Valtenesi area. From the initial visit to the oil mill, to discover how Garda olive oil is made, to the conclusion in the wine cellar, to taste three local wines.

With the family in Muscoline

Also in Valtenesi, in Muscoline, wine specialists and enthusiasts will be able to combine the desire to taste renowned wines with that of learning about the methods used to cultivate grapes and make wine. Together with the founder of an organic farm, you will approach the territory and its production during a visit to the cellar and vineyards. The tour is also open in accompaniment to children from 2 years of age, and you can taste the organic fruit juices produced on the farm.

In Padenghe to taste award-winning wines

More wine tasting on the west coast, in Padenghe, where one of the producers of DOC labels is located. You can visit the winery and the property, and then move on to the tasting of the four most awarded wines: the Riesling Garda Doc, the Lugana 90+10 the Rivale, the Lieti Conversari, and the Nero per Sempre.

Wellness & wine experience

Are you looking for an unconventional idea for a date night, or to celebrate a special event with a small group of friends? In Padenghe, in a splendid wine resort, you can taste wines immersed in a hot tub, scented with essential oils. A very special wine experience, which will also allow you to taste delicious desserts, in an atmosphere of relaxation and privacy.

Among family vineyards in Sirmione

The beauty of an area is also given by the solid attachment of generations who have always lived there and dedicated their lives to making that place productive and hospitable. In this wine experience you will visit a historic farm and the family vineyards, before getting into the swing of tasting wines and sparkling wines, such as Lugana doc and Lugana doc Brut, accompanied by Garda specialities.

In a Defender among the vines

This proposal is undoubtedly one of the most unusual: designed for a couple, it will take you on a tour of the area's vineyards aboard a Defender, which will take you to the place where the most historic and precious vines will be displayed. In the second part, which takes place in the wine cellar, you will taste some wines produced according to Agricoltura Ragionata®: Lugana Doc, Lugana Demesse Vecchie, Lugana Brut Metodo Classico and the Notte a San Martino, together with a platter of cured meats and cheeses.

In Salò, for an immersion in nature

Garda is wine, gastronomy, fun, and relaxation, and these elements can coincide to give you an unforgettable experience that will help you chase away stress. On a sunny green lawn, amidst hedges of aromatic herbs and century-old plants, you will taste three different wines produced on the farm. A special pampering, to spend a few hours of absolute well-being to reconnect with yourself and the outside world.

Family snack and tasting

In Muscoline, another family experience, suitable for even the youngest children, from two years of age up to the oldest. In the heart of the Valtenesi valley, adults will discover some excellent wines, paired with an agricultural snack; the little ones will be able to taste organic fruit juices, accompanied by snacks.

The proposals of NowMyPlace do not end here! What about, for example, the tour through the vineyards of the Valtenesi area, the tasting in a villa in Salò, in a loggia in Pozzolengo or in a secret garden in San Felice del Benaco? And let's not forget the Lugana Tour, a 6-hour walking itinerary that starts from Solferino and leads to one of the most historic and renowned wine cellars of the Colline Solferino. Routes and ideas to meet all your expectations and needs, discovering the wines and wine cellars of Lake Garda. Get lost among the gentle slopes, breathe in the air of the hills and stroll among the vineyards: wine tourism will give you the emotions you are looking for.

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