Where to have a picnic on Lake Garda? Our tips

Are you looking for a place to picnic on Lake Garda? Discover the most beautiful places for a romantic picnic, in nature, among olive trees and vineyards

24 March 2024
Where to have a picnic on Lake Garda? Our tips

Pic-nic on Lake Garda: tips for best preparation

Are you wondering where to have a picnic on Lake Garda? There is no shortage of places in this beautiful destination. Sirmione, Gardone, Padenghe, Tignale... all it takes is a ray of sunshine to go to one of the most beautiful locations on the Benaco and spend a fantastic day in the company of family, friends, and a loved one.

A picnic at Lake Garda, then, is an opportunity to taste local products (such as cheeses, cured meats and wines), either in the cellar or surrounded by nature, taking advantage of a unique panorama of the area.

But for everything to be perfect, you need to be organised in the best possible way. In this article, therefore, we will look at some interesting places for a picnic on the Benaco, how to prepare and what to bring along to make the experience unforgettable.

Where to picnic on Lake Garda? 4 experiences to try

For a perfect picnic, first of all, you have to choose the location. How? By assessing the reasons for your outing.

For example: have you chosen Lake Garda for a romantic moment with the person you love? For an outing with family or friends, perhaps with a panoramic view or amidst nature? To immerse yourself in the outdoors and discover the area?

Once you understand why, you can start preparing everything you need. Let's take a quick look at some ideas on how best to do this.

A romantic picnic with a view of Lake Garda

Close your eyes and imagine this scenario: an old estate surrounded by a manicured lawn in a hilltop village with a panoramic view of Lake Garda in front of you.

An interesting setting for a romantic picnic on Lake Garda, isn't it? If the idea appeals to you, the ideal is to experience this in the farmhouse overlooking the lake in Gardone Riviera, on the Brescia shore. After a short walk through the medieval alleys of the village of Morgnaga, you can reach the estate, surrounded by no less than 13 hectares of parkland. Here you can sit on a beautiful rustic deck, on freshly cut green grass, and enjoy a basket full of local products prepared by a renowned Garda chef, while admiring the Benaco from above.

How to prepare and what to bring?

The experience includes a basket with a bottle of wine for two people and a selection of dishes with local products that can be customised to suit different diets or intolerances and allergies.

Ideally, one should dress comfortably. It is best to have an insect spray, a relaxed attitude and prepare a playlist on your smartphone appropriate to the experience.

A relaxing picnic amidst the olive trees of Lake Garda

Lake Garda is famous for the production of a light and fruity PDO extra virgin olive oil. An interesting experience, therefore, could be to organise a picnic among the olive trees of Lake Garda hosted by a local farm in the heart of Valtenesi.

At this inland location on the west coast, you can sample a basket full of local produce, seated comfortably on a natural wooden bench, surrounded by a magical rural landscape. A careful, zero-kilometre selection includes organic cheeses, cured meats and organic olives of the Casaliva variety (or vegetarian options, on request).

An experience suitable for everyone, even families with children, and to be tried at any time of day: from brunch to a snack to an aperitif with sunset. Ideal to connect with nature, but also to better understand the history and traditions linked to this magical land, while tasting its products.

What to bring with you?

Ideally, you should dress comfortably, carrying a jumper or light jacket in case you spend the whole day here and the temperatures drop. An anti-insect spray can also be useful.

To make family time even more fun, you can bring along some board games. Blankets and baskets are provided by the farm.

A picnic in nature, between relaxation and fun

Are you looking for an informal experience, to spend a fun day with family or friends? Then a picnic in the nature of Lake Garda may be just the thing for you. The ideal is to reach the first hills of Valtenesi, on the west coast, and stop at an old farmstead with a terraced lawn to taste local and zero-kilometre products.

Products from the vegetable garden, hot focaccia, cured meats, artisan cheeses and local delicacies, including olives, Garda lemons and local wines will provide the backdrop for this country picnic (with vegetarian options on request). A way to get closer to local agriculture and understand the importance of breaks, rituals and traditions.

What to bring with you?

As always, when spending time in contact with nature, it is ideal to take along an insect spray and a blanket to cope with any changes in temperature.

The set-up - with white tablecloths, cushions and fresh flowers - is included in the package. Board games, crayons, paper and paints can also be brought if there are young children. A nice selection of music, to be listened to at low volumes with a smartphone, on the other hand, can be relaxing for a day out with friends.

A picnic in the vineyard on Lake Garda among the rows of vines

Picnics among the vineyards are a very popular experience in recent years, enjoyed by families, friends and couples who want to spend some time outdoors and get to know local producers.

At Lake Garda you can opt for a trip to the south coast and book a picnic in the vineyard on the morainic hills of Pozzolengo, surrounded by rural landscapes and no less than eight hectares of vineyards. Here, comfortably nestled between the rows of vines, in strategic and panoramic points, you can taste genuine local products and wines made by a historic winery, handed down from generation to generation.

For a chic, relaxed and peaceful experience, you can also consider an outdoor picnic at a wine resort in Padenghe. In this case, the activity is introduced by a sommelier who will explain each characteristic of the chosen wine while you drink it outside, enjoying a unique panorama of the hills and rows of vineyards of the Valtenesi.

To make the experience even more intriguing, the picnic will be a surprise with a gourmet mystery box full of products prepared by the farmstead's chefs (according to the food information provided during registration).

What to bring with you?

To make this outdoor activity among the rows unique, it is ideal to prepare a capacious bag with a blanket and some soft pillows. Also don't forget an insect spray and a book, some magazines and a compact Bluetooth speaker to stream some good music (at a low volume, without disturbing other people) and carve out a moment of pure relaxation between the rows.

A memorable picnic on Lake Garda with NowMyPlace

With NowMyPlace you will experience the picnic you have always dreamt of on Lake Garda. Intimate, romantic, fun, exciting, amidst nature or in search of local flavours: in our portfolio of Lake Garda experiences we have selected the best local activities to meet the many needs of travellers.

The advantages of choosing NowMyPlace? For example, by booking a picnic on Lake Garda with us you can:

  • discover unique places
  • taste local, PDO and DOC products
  • learn more about the history, traditions and culture (including food and wine) of Lake Garda
  • enjoy the experience in peace, without having to worry about the organisation and preparation of the baskets
  • spend carefree moments with loved ones (both family and friends), creating stronger bonds with them
  • build memorable memories
  • spend a few hours in contact with nature, savouring its contact and silence.

What do you say, would you like to have your outdoor picnic with us?

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