What to do in Verona (even when it rains): 10 original ideas

What to do in Verona? What to see? Here are 10 original ideas for discovering the city and its beauties even when it rains, with indoor activities. Discover them now!

What to do in Verona (even when it rains): 10 original ideas

What to do in Verona (even when it rains): 10 original ideas

Verona is one of the most popular cities in the Veneto among travellers. Known for its arena where wonderful concerts and events are often held, the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and their famous balcony, the city of love is also the perfect place to discover art, culture and delicious food.

The historical centre is on a human scale and reaching the most important sites with a nice walk is really easy, as well as pleasant. A perfect destination for a trip out of town, to spend a romantic weekend and admire all its monuments, in any season of the year, even in the rain.

In this guide we present 10 original ideas for what to do in Verona, even when it rains!

What to do in Verona? 5 ideas for a trip to remember

If you want to spend a holiday in Verona and explore it in a day (or a weekend), there are some places you absolutely must not miss and that are recommended on all road maps. Among them, we also recommend you visit:

  • the Arena of Verona, in the central Piazza Bra;
  • Via Mazzini, the street of shopping and luxury shops;
  • Piazza delle Erbe, a little gem surrounded by palaces, cafés and historic houses;
  • Juliet's house (in Via Cappello, 23) a stone's throw from Piazza Erbe, with the famous balcony described in Shakespeare's tragedy;
  • the Arche Scaligere (in Via S. Maria Antica, 4), a majestic funerary complex dedicated to the family of the same name that ruled the city until the end of the 14th century;
  • the Ponte Scaligero, adjacent to Castelvecchio Castle and on Corso Castelvecchio, to admire the Adige River through the embrasures;
  • Juliet's tomb, in the former Convent of San Francesco al Corso (Via Luigi da Porto, 5).

Of course, these that we have listed are all famous places worth seeing. Now let's focus instead on some suggestions for original and unusual experiences in Verona. A way to combine travel with unforgettable moments.

1. By funicular railway to admire Verona from above

For an impressive panorama, the ideal is to reach Piazzale Castel San Pietro. You can go up by funicular, but also by car or on foot (using the steps in front of Ponte Pietra) and, once there, you can abandon yourself to the beauty of the city seen from above. The perfect time to enjoy a unique view? Sunset for those seeking romance or sunrise, when the first rays of the sun illuminate the Adige and the city slowly comes to life.

2. Wellness experience: a walk with relaxation surprise

Do you want to leave behind the hustle and bustle and stress, especially on holiday? Then why not discover the architectural, natural and historical beauty of Verona and its lesser-known sights on a walk, while learning breathing techniques? A walk with a group yoga class is ideal for connecting with nature, relaxing, contemplating what is around us, and unblocking the body. Techniques that you can also practise at home.

3. Wandering around the city's unusual places

Like all cities, Verona hides a few little gems to be discovered in the squares, streets and courtyards. For example, on the facades of Palazzo delle Ragione (with the entrance in Cortile Del Mercato Vecchio, 10) are the Boche de leon. What are they? Representations of strange faces and faces with their mouths open that in the past were used by people to send secret denunciation messages to the judiciary (especially about usurers and frauds). Other special places to discover are: the Well of Love (at the end of the alleyway of San Marco in Foro); the arch of the coast with the large whale rib hanging from the arch (between Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori); and Borgo Trento, the realm of Art Nouveau with spectacular, refined and elegant villas.

4. Discovering the vineyards

It takes just under 15 km to reach - from Verona - Valpolicella. Here you can immerse yourself in nature and discover all the secrets of the local vineyards. How? Perhaps with a wine walk in stages to three different cellars to learn about the origins of Amarone, admire the terracing with your own eyes and learn more about how cultivation and production take place with sommeliers. A tasting of wines, cured meats and local cheeses can also be an interesting idea to get to know this magical land through its flavours. Even better if it takes place in a historic residence furnished with style and refinement. And if the rain breaks up your day, you can always think about a wine tasting with a light lunch and a visit to the winery, to discover the techniques of cultivation, sustainable winemaking and ageing of wines in barrels, both barriques and cement amphorae.

5. Doing yoga in Verona, outdoors

Imagine yourself practising asana postures in a historic outdoor location, such as one of the city's beautiful parks. Taking a one-to-one yoga class, surrounded by greenery, is undoubtedly a pleasant and unique experience to let yourself be enveloped in a feeling of well-being, perhaps only a stone's throw from the Arena or the castle.

What to do in Verona when it rains? 5 unusual activities

The city of Romeo and Juliet is beautiful to discover all year round, even when the sun doesn't shine. But what can you organise when the downpour catches you by surprise or the weather forecasts incessant rain throughout the day, without running the risk of getting bored or doing something trivial? The ideal is to choose some interesting indoor activities. So, let's take a quick look at what to do when it rains in Verona: we have selected 5 ideas to inspire you.

1. A tour of the museums

One of Verona's favourite indoor activities for the Veronese, as well as for travellers, is visiting museums. At the Museo di Castelvecchio (Corso Castelvecchio, 2) one can admire mediaeval and Renaissance art, while the Museo Archeologico (Stradone San Tomaso, 3) has a wealth of historical artefacts to learn about the origins of the city. For children, on the other hand, there is the Children's Museum Verona (Via Santa Teresa, 12) with activities and games that stimulate learning.

2. Visiting the world's oldest library

Verona when it rains is even more romantic than usual and what could be nicer for dreamers than spending time among books? The ideal is to visit the Biblioteca Capitolare, also known as the oldest library in the world still in operation. It is located in Piazza Duomo, number 19, and boasts more than 1600 years of history, as well as over 100,000 volumes. It is a place that can inspire writing, perhaps a letter addressed to Juliet to be hand-delivered to the red hole in the famous house at Via Cappello, 23.

3. Between taverns and historic shops

When it rains in the city of love, people take refuge in the bars. That's why a great experience to try in the event of bad weather in Verona is to explore the osterie and historic shops. A food and wine tour among ancient delicatessens, osterie and pastry shops to taste wines, local products and experience the premises like a true Veronese. Magical places, custodians of stories and traditions to be exploited to spend time in the company of friends, between chats and card games, just like they used to do in the past.

4. A little relaxation at the spa

Treating oneself to a moment of relaxation is a precious gift, and in the Valpolicella area there is one of the most popular spas in Italy: Aquardens. The thermal park - indoor and outdoor - is suitable for everyone, even families with children, who can play or relax in the pools of different depths here. If the rainy days continue, you can always visit the other spas at Lake Garda, just a few kilometres from Verona.

5. Creative workshops and cookery courses

If it rains, you can reach Lake Garda in a flash and be inspired by some indoor activities. In Ponti sul Mincio, for example, only 30 minutes by car from Verona, you can enjoy imaginative activities such as a watercolour, fresco or intaglio painting course together with professional artists. These are fun experiences that stimulate creativity and are suitable for all ages. Another possibility is to book a family cooking class to learn, replicate and enjoy traditional dishes following old recipes for preparing homemade pasta.

What to do around Verona?

From Verona, other locations can be easily reached by train or car. Lake Garda, for example, is a popular destination that has a lot to offer for those looking for fun, exciting and unique indoor and outdoor activities. Discover all Lake Garda experiences NowMyPlace!

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