Climbing on Lake Garda with NowMyPlace

With NowMyPlace offers you can discover a climbing paradise, Lake Garda, and enjoy a unique experience amidst beautiful landscapes

26 March 2023
Climbing on Lake Garda with NowMyPlace

Climbing on Lake Garda: where and how to climb

The geographical variety that characterises the Garda area makes it attractive to all those who love sports, at any level. One of the most popular activities is certainly climbing, which finds a true paradise and reference point at European level at Lake Garda. In the northern area, in fact, there are several crags and steep walls that drop sheer to the lake: it is thanks to their presence that climbing enthusiasts choose to climb on Lake Garda, but what also attracts them is the beauty of a unique landscape, lush and different depending on where you are on the coast.

Today we take you on a discovery of the best climbing spots and their characteristics, and then we reveal what experiences NowMyPlace proposes to satisfy your desire for climbing on Lake Garda. Let's get started!

Climbing on Lake Garda: we discover the climbing paradise

Lake Garda is one of the favourite destinations for sports climbing enthusiasts, an activity that has come increasingly into the limelight in recent years, with the participation of gyms and walls equipped for indoor practice. Of course, training indoors is a great way to stay fit and prepare, but it is in the open air, on the rock, that the climber finds the greatest satisfaction. When they feel the sun and wind on their skin, when they feel the texture of the rock to which they cling, when they see the beauty of the natural elements beneath them.

Thanks to the numerous crags and the variety that characterises them, Garda is recognised throughout Europe as a true paradise for climbers, from beginners to experts. As the climate in the area is mild, it is also possible to climb not only in summer, but also during other times of the year.

The degrees of difficulty of the routes

Each crag has its own characteristics, as we have mentioned, and this influences the difficulty of the routes available. There are various systems for classifying routes, and the most commonly used is the French scale, which includes the numbers 0 to 9 and indicates intermediate levels with the letters a,b,c, to which the symbol - and + can also be added.

A route graded 4b will therefore be easier than one marked 4c.

Where to climb: the crags of Lake Garda

Crags are natural rock faces usually found in the mountains. Climbers take them on by following predetermined routes, which vary depending on the conformation of the rock. Crags, in fact, have different characteristics, determined by the composition and inclination of the wall. Consequently, the length of the routes and the difficulty of the climbing routes change from one to another. Crags can be a few tens of metres high or hundreds: to climb them, it can take just a few hours or entire days!

In the Lake Garda area, along the entire north coast, these formations abound. In Arco, a few kilometres from Riva del Garda, and in the surrounding area in the province of Trento, we find, for example, the cliffs of Passo San Giovanni, Belvedere di Nago, and Spiaggia delle Lucertole. Arco is also the town which hosts an event dedicated to climbing, the Rock Master, in which the best climbers from all over the world compete.

If Trentino's Garda is the best known portion of the territory for climbing, the other provinces are not without their popular and famous places. In the province of Verona, in fact, there are the Metoga and Monte Luppia crags; in the vicinity of Tremosine, on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, there are the Porto Tremosine, Tregadone and San Michele crags, to name but a few. In Toscolano Maderno, on the other hand, there is the Gaino cliff, also known as Monte Pizzocolo or Parete delle Camerete.

Climbing on Lake Garda with NowMyPlace

Climbing is addictive, as anyone who has experienced the thrill of putting on a harness and climbing shoes, at least once, knows. A positive addiction, of course, that drives one to seek out new places to test oneself, and in some cases even to return to familiar routes that have remained in one's heart.

If you climb the crags of Lake Garda, you will certainly have an unforgettable experience and you will be able to discover this area from another, decidedly unusual point of view.

Have you already prepared everything you need? Well, let's see what proposals for climbing on Lake Garda we have thought up for you.

Climbing in Toscolano Maderno

For those who already have some climbing experience, an activity for up to two people near Toscolano Maderno, where you will find long routes whose difficulty ranges from grade 5 to 6b.

From the age of 16.

Climbing on the Gaino cliff

An outing to the Gaino crag lasting around 4 hours, where you will experience basic progression, a basic climbing technique. The experience is for 8 people and is also suitable for those practising this sport for the first time. You will learn the fundamentals of safety and you will also experience some short ropes courses, in a striking environment such as the area on the slopes of Monte Castello in Gaino, above Toscolano Maderno.

From 10 years of age.

What climbing offers with NowMyPlace include

Climbing shoes, harness and helmet hire is included in the trips offered by NowMyPlace. Our experiences always include the accompaniment of an experienced instructor and certified mountain guide, who will teach you the basics of climbing if you are a beginner, or help you improve the technique you already possess.

The instructor will also ensure that you take all the necessary precautions to climb safely and will always be at your side. Discovering new territories and letting yourself be enveloped by nature is one of the goals we have in mind when we think about how to structure our experiences: climbing, like many other outdoor sports (canyoning, for example, diving or via ferrata), requires a certain amount of commitment and a lot of lucidity, which is why the guidance of someone who is familiar with both the activity and the location is indispensable.

Discover all Lake Garda experiences NowMyPlace and try your hand at all the activities that excite you most!

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