Gargnano and the Upper Garda

The lemon coast: an incredible exchange of scents between lake and mountain

The famous lemon houses on the north-western shore of Lake Garda are a historical legacy of the agricultural economy of this uncontaminated area and give their name to the coast, called the ‘coast of lemons’, on which they grow luxuriantly even today.

Here the mountain plunges into the lake lashed by the wind, creating an ideal natural setting for the most adrenaline-filled water sports such as kitesurfing, il windsurfing, il wingfoil and more.

Campione is one of the most sought-after international spots for board and kite lovers: here, those ready to challenge the powerful afternoon thermal wind (the Ora) find unparalleled opportunities for fun, but it is also the ideal place for those who want to approach these sports gradually, thanks to progressive teaching.

The coastline that stretches from Gargnano to Limone can be admired from the lake by taking part in an elegant and exclusive motor boat tour or through stand up paddle rides or can be travelled by mountain e-bike to the Natural Park of Alto Garda.

This area, one of the most important and but least known of the lake, offers many outdoor activities: trekking designed for the family, bike tours along mountain routes and historical-landscape, via ferrata of all levels of difficulty, hiking trails and even climbing.

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