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Free body Pilates group class


Matwork is a Pilates method that respects the physical abilities of each individual and requires neither too fast nor too slow movements, but rather movements that are fluid. Only after you have mastered one exercise can you move on to the next.

A gymnastic exercise suitable for everyone, carried out through free-body exercises and breathing, which allows you to become aware of your abdominal belt (core or centre of gravity), to master your body and to achieve maximum concentration.

Pilates provides body toning, improved posture, prevention of muscular pains and increased elasticity.

The group will be guided to assume stretching and holding positions, and to maintain proper breathing control. The tools used during the class will be the ball, the brick and the stick.


Lake Garda - South coast - Desenzano

Clothing and gear and other notes

What to bring: yoga mat, comfortable clothing, water.

Level of difficulty

An experience suitable for all levels of physical fitness (including pregnant women). The lesson will be tailored to the physical condition and experience of the participant.

Cancellation policy

Cancel booking up to 48 hours before start time for a 100% refund
Cancel booking up to 24 hours before start time for a 50% refund

  • Max 8 Participants
  • Duration 1h